Pete T
Jan 30

Registration Error: "Sorry, a serious error has occurred..."


I registered a fault with the Help desk (ticket 32193) on 22 Jan 19. When commencing a registration via the new app you soon get to the point where you may link historic details to your new account. When you press CONTINUE an error is encountered with the message: "ResultsVault Sorry, a serious error has occurred. Please try again later." The error occurs even if you do not link any details and so you cannot proceed with player registration.


The Help desk aims to respond within 24 hours. I emailed again 4 days later having received no response. Today after 8 days without reply and still UNABLE TO REGISTER I rang the Help desk.


Apparently this is a known fault affecting only SOME users. At this time there is no solution and no information on which users are affected. I am to be contacted when the fault is fixed and will post an update to this thread when that happens. If you encounter this or any error you should raise a ticket in their register as volume helps to prioritise their response. Here is a link to the Play Football Support page:

Pete T
Jan 31

This problem has been fixed. Amazing what a difference a phone call makes. I was able to register although could not submit a photo initially. (It accepted my rego without a photo.) I was able to submit a photo by editing personal details, public profile tab.

Aug 30


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