May 4, 2017

Como U8A - Round 4


A very determined Marton showed up ready to make Como work hard, and boy was it an entertaining game! A big defensive effort from all the boys early on, coupled with some exceptional saves from Sam in goal, saw a few powerful Marton strikes kept out. This gave Como the opportunity to run hard in attack and the first half saw 3 goals from Mace, Ty and Stewy. Ty has made Beckham like corner kicks his forte and continued to pressure the Martin goal all game. The second half saw Leon rack up his first goal of the season with a solid shot into the bottom right corner. He was unlucky not to score again shortly afterwards. Riley, Marcus, Jas and Jaden again played solid games in the middle and wings, always looking for space and very generous setting the boys up in front. 2 more goals from Sam, a powerful screamer from long range, and Ty, another Beckham like curler saw Como rack up 6. Special mention of the cat like reflexes from Jasper stopping two ripper shots from Martin late in the game to keep the aggregate up. Although the final score was 6-2, credit to Marton for never giving up and playing quality football throughout. Man of the match was close with Ty just taking it from Sam . The march to Round 5 continues. Good on ya coach Todd.

Aug 29

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Nov 4


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