UPDATE: Minimising the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission in Community Sport

Attention: Parents/Carers/Coaches/Managers/Players - we have this morning received a further update from the Chief Health Officer of NSW Health advising the following recommendations to be implemented by Wednesday 19 August 2020 (copy of letter attached):-

In Short:

  • Cease face-to-face social activities relating to community sports (e.g. award ceremonies, end-of-season social gatherings, post-training group dinners)

  • Avoid carpools or bus travel with people from different household groups where possible; and

  • For local activities, limit spectators to one parent only, where the child requires parental supervision during the sporting activity

NSW Health anticipate that these recommendations will need to be in place for the next 6 weeks. We will keep you updated in relation to the continued need for these public health measures as they come to hand.

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