Updated advice for the Community Sport Sector & FAQ

Community Sport –Team and Individual Competitions and Leagues

• The principle is to restrict activities to local competitions to avoid inter-mingling and potential community transmission.

• Competitions should be run within the local district, zone or association boundaries determined by State Sporting Organisations or the Peak Body for the respective activity.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are additional restrictions being placed on community sport? Sport brings together a range of people from across different communities, increasing the risk of community transmission. The public health advice is that these additional recommendations are needed for a period of 6 weeks in the first instance, to reduce the risk of community transmission.

Are there any changes to the current gathering sizes? No, at this point in time there is no change to the current gathering size restriction of 500 people at community sport activities.

For local activities, they include a requirement to limit spectators to one parent only, where the child requires parental supervision during the sporting activity.

How are sports supposed to monitor the one parent per child rule at open sports grounds and venues?

Community sport organisations should already be considering measures within their COVID Safety Plans to minimise spectators at community sport. This may include communicating in advance with parents, erecting signage in the carpark around the grounds and through PA announcements at the venue.

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