2. MiniRoo regrades will be looked at after Round 3 and will take place from Round 5.

  3. Competition regrades will take place after Round 4.

  4. Round 5 match draw will not be released until after regrades have been completed.

  5. Each team must have a Manager in attendance at a match - with that Manager wearing a Yellow Vest and complying with the Requirements of Rule 29.B.

  6. Each Team must supply an additional Ground Controller in accordance with Rule 30.A. With that Ground Controller wearing an Orange Vest.

  7. All players in Under 12 and older must have numbers on their shirts - Rule 15.

  8. Familiarise yourselves with the importance of the Concussion protocols which are included in the rule book - Appendix E, Page 79.

  9. Ensure players address referees in a respectful manner. Abusive behaviour will result in a minimum suspension of 4 weeks.

  10. ID cards must be shown prior to all matches before players take the field. If a player is not in possession of an ID card they are NOT permitted to play in a match - Rule 14.

  11. Familiarise yourselves with the borrowing of players - Rule 16.

  12. TO READ RULE BOOK ....

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