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2022 Registrations 


Como Jannali FC is a proud community based football club. Football is for everyone: we welcome players, parents and fans alike to enjoy the sport, better themselves and contribute to the club. 


Our club can only operate with the support of sponsors and the diligent hard-work of dozens of volunteers. 


We are proud of the connections and initiatives we have formed with our community. One of those is the opportunity we provide to people who have been ordered by the courts to undertake community service. You may see these people helping collect rubbish, cooking on the BBQ or assisting with set up/pack up.  These volunteers have been screened and are supervised. As a club we are glad we can assist people in making positive contributions to our club community. 


If you would like to find out more about volunteering or how you might be able to contribute, please contact us via the enquiries page

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