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WET WEATHER HOTLINE (02) 9710 0105

Wet Weather Oval Closures


Wear and tear on grounds is compounded in wet weather conditions.  Council will make a decision to close grounds to ensure they remain in good condition.  

Decision is made by council and closure notices will be posted on this page by 9am each day.

The Wet Weather Line (9710 0105) is updated each weekday by 9am following inspection of fields by council staff.  It will advise whether council sporting fields are open or closed for competition, training or school use. 

Clubs/associations are required to abide by council's decision.  Failure to comply by playing or training on a ground that has been closed means you will be liable for all restoration costs if the grounds are damaged, and you may lose the usage of the ground for following seasons.


Decisions on cancellation of weekend sport is made by the relevant sporting association. There will be exceptions where council will make the decision for all associations regarding weekend fixtures.

Contact your club on weekends or check their website for updates. 



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