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2022 Registrations 

2024 Registration Details



Registration Open Days at Como Jannali Club House (unless otherwise indicated):

Saturday 13th Jan 8am to 2pm @ Kareela Village 

Sunday 21st Jan 10am to 2pm

Thursday 25th Jan 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Wednesday 31st Jan 6:15pm to 7:30pm

Friday 2nd and Friday 9th Feb 4:00pm to 6:00pm (Joeys)

We look forward to welcoming you back in 2024! 


Like our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep informed of important dates & news 



Grading week 2024

Thu 15 Feb 2024

4:30-5:30pm u15 Boys & Girls

5:30-6:30pm u16 Boys & Girls

6:30-7:30pm u18 Male and Female

6:30-7:30pm u21 Male and Female


Fri 16 Feb 2024

5:00-6.30pm u6 Boys & Girls

5:00-6:30pm u7 Boys & Girls

6.15pm BBQ and Zooper Doopers for U6 and new families


Sun 18 Feb 2024

8:00-9:00am   u8 Boys & Girls

9:30-10:30am   u9 Boys & Girls

11:00-12:00pm  u10 Boys & Girls

12:30 - 1:00pm  Lunch

1:00-2:00pm    u11 Boys & Girls 

2:30-3:30pm    u12 Boys & Girls 

4:00-5:00pm    u13 Boys & Girls

5:30-6:30pm    u14 Boys & Girls

2024 Registration Fees



Please read to the end before registering to help make the process as easy as possible.


If after reading the information below, you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to email OR with any questions related to registering with our Club.


Like our Facebook and Instagram page to keep informed of important dates & news



  • Sign in at using the same method you used last year, which will be either your email address, Facebook login or Google login. Once signed in, you can register yourself or your linked family members.
    If you have forgotten your password reset it here.

  • If your name has changed or you’ve noticed an error in your date of birth you MUST contact your Club Registrar OR NOT Playfootball support, you may also be asked to provide some ID documents to confirm the correct details.



These links will help you get there faster:




Male & Female Players progressing to U10/W10 and ALL NEW players who are playing in U10/W10 and ABOVE age groups, must upload a CURRENT passport style photo to their profile. No hats or glasses to be worn. (Please have this ready before you commence your registration)


Team Preference Option:
Use this section to specify which team you would like to be in for 2024; although it is not mandatory it will be very helpful and will be a time saver for our club volunteers and using this feature would be much appreciated.


Returning MiniRoos Players 
To help with team planning and allocations, please:
CLICK Team Preference box when registering and from the drop-down list, choose the age group you will be playing in for 2024. e.g. born in 2016 select U8s (Boys/Mixed) or W8s (for all girl teams).

Returning Junior Players 
CLICK Team Preference box when registering and from the drop-down list, choose the age group you will be playing in for 2024. This is particularly important for players who will be playing up a year* e.g. players born in 2010 will select U14s or W14, if you will be playing up a year you would select U15 or W15.
* Selecting an age above your age group will not guarantee a place in that age group, this will be at the discretion of the Coaching Coordinator.
Returning Senior Players 
CLICK Team Preference box when registering and from the drop-down list, choose your 2023 Team/Coach e.g. AL-07 / PATON


New Players – all age groups
Juniors – please register in your age group.

Seniors -please choose the ‘New to CJFC’ option.


Please complete the online registration process, please note you will also need to show proof of age and proof of residency in the Sutherland Shire. These documents can be emailed to our registrar OR or brought down in person at one of our club’s registration open days or visit  CJFC Facebook for latest information.


Any player new to SSFA competition must provide both proof of date of birth and proof of Sutherland Shire residency. The following list of documents are the only acceptable form of proof accepted:

Proof of Age:

  • passport

  • birth certificate

  • driver's licence (including digital licences)

  • NSW Photo Card issued by Service NSW


Proof of residency within the Sutherland Shire:

  • Current driver's licence (including digital licences) with address unaltered

  • Recent document from a financial institution or government agency (e.g., bank or council rates)
    Please note tenancy agreements, phone or utility bills will not be accepted



5-6 years - $155.00


7 years - $195.00

8-9 years - $205.00

10-11 years -$220.00

12-13 years - $245.00

14-16 years - $250.00

17-18 years - $255.00

19+ - $330.00


Early Bird Discount applies to all players that register prior to 5th February 2024.


Payment can be made online or offline directly to Como Jannali FC by attending the clubhouse on the below Registration Assistance days.
Registration Assistance Days at Clubhouse, Jannali Oval, Jannali:

Saturday 13th January 2024                         8am to 2pm @ Kareela Village Shopping Centre

Sunday 21st January 2024                            10am to 2pm

Thursday 25th January 2024                         6:30pm to 8pm

Wednesday 31st January 2023                      6.30pm to 8pm

Friday 9th February 2024                             4pm to 6pm



Active Kids vouchers can be used towards registration for any school aged children, but YOU MUST have a valid voucher code BEFORE proceeding with payment. Apply for an Active Kids voucher here


Discounts Available


Early Bird Discount – If you register before 5th February 2024 you will receive an extra early bird discount of $5.00 on your registration fee. This is automatically calculated.


Family Voucher – if you are registering more than 3 family members (Spouse and Dependants) you may be entitled to a family discount.  This discount must be claimed before registering online – please contact OR for your unique voucher code, before registering.

Claim your Years of Service Voucher – if you have played with Como Jannali FC for over 10 consecutive years you are entitled to a “Years of Service discount”.  This discount must be claimed before registering online – please contact OR for your unique voucher code, before registering.


Late Admin Fee – There will be an additional late admin fee for those that register after midnight 25th February 2024.

If you are having problems on the PlayFootball site please go to PlayFootball Support or email


If you have any Club related queries please contact Our Club Registrar or Secretary via email OR



REGISTRATION OPENS: Friday 5 January 2024
FEES:  Registration Fees and Information visit: CJFC Website

LATE FEES: Apply from 26 February 2024
GRADING DATES:  Commencing week Sunday 11 February.

Watch CJFC Facebook, CJFC Instagram & Website for more details

SEASON STARTS:  Round 1 is scheduled 6/7 April 2024.

  • MiniRoos (U5/6 to U11’s) can be purchased from the Clubhouse uniform shop.


  • Juniors & Seniors (U12 to Adult) competition shirts where a number is required are to be purchased online via the Como Jannali FC website. visit 

  • The club will be wearing the same strip as last year, if you would like to use your Jersey from last year. Please also check with your team manager prior to ordering to get your jersey number allocation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that there will be a Jersey change coming in 2025. This will be a full club jersey change and all players will need to purchase a new jersey in 2025. We will have limited donated second hand jerseys available.

If you wish to donate an old jersey, please do so on our Registrations Days (dates above).

SOCKS & SHORTS These can be purchased from the Clubhouse on one of the Registration Assistance Days, on a Uniform Night (TBC) and at the canteen (throughout the season).

Make sure you keep up to date with all club news by following us on Facebook, Instagram and via CJFC Website

Kind Regards
Como Jannali FC Committee


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On Behalf of Como Jannali FC


Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8.30am – 3.30pm


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