July 25, 2020

  • All matches scheduled for Forest Rd have been moved to The Ridge 4 – same times

WSG St Pats v Gymea (2) 08:10

45E (2) St Pats v Georges River (2) 09:50

AL14 St Pats v Engadine Crusaders (1) 11:30

AL11 St Pats v Engadine Eagles 13:10

AL8 St Pats v Cronulla Seagulls (2) 14:50

  • All matches scheduled for Gymea Bay 1 have been moved to Solander 3- same times

45C Gymea (1) v Bundeena 10:00

35C Gymea v Georges River 11:40

AL8 Gymea (2) v Engadine Eagles 13:20

AL7 Gymea v Como Jannali 15:00

  • All matches schedule for Heathcote 2 have been moved to Heathcote 4 same times

July 16, 2020

Due to growing concerns in the community regarding an up-rise of COVID-19, the CJFC Executive Committee have decided in order to keep our soccer community safe we will be implementing a few changes within CJFC.

The following changes are effective immediately:

1. Clubhouse will be closed weekdays/training days and games days

2. Bar Closed

3. Change Rooms Closed

All the above will be closed until further notice.

We impress upon all of our members and visitors to be aware of the 1.5m social distancing guidelines especially around the side-lines, lining up for barbeque and canteen; be respectful of each others space and remain diligent with hygiene and sanitize whenever possible.

*Toilets will be accessible by going around the building

July 15, 2020

We all love football and we love that its back, but we must all work together to stay safe.

To help ensure that football can continue to operate and the appropriate safeguards are in place to the reduce the risk of transmission, all players, parents, officials and spectators are required to comply with the following:

  • Wash and/or sanitize hands before and after attending all training and games.

  • Players arrive dressed and ready to train or play

  • Limit the use of changerooms 

  • Players must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule (except during games)

  • Do not shake hands, high five or hug other players, officials, team officials or spectators

  • Do not share drink bottles

  • Limit the number of spectators that accompany you to training and games

  • Avoid bringing anyone who is elderly or may be at high or increased risk of illness

  • Do not attend if you have flu like symptoms or are feeling unwell

  • Spectators must comply with the 1.5m social distanc...

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